• Black and white AFO splints on each of Chloe’s legs. She is wearing black shoes and is sat on a chair
    Cerebral Palsy,  Disability

    Wearing AFO splints as an adult with cerebral palsy

    I have mild cerebral palsy and I’ve worn AFO splints on and off my whole life. I initially wore 1 AFO on my left leg as a child. After a deterioration in my walking, I started to wear 2 AFO splints as a young adult. Despite my walking being unrecognisable from when I got AFO splints again, I continue to wear them.

  • Open laptop blurred in the background, foreground shows the back of someone. They are wearing a navy Neuro heroes t-shirt.
    Cerebral Palsy,  Disability

    Interviewing Neuro Heroes’ cerebral palsy specialist

    I appreciate the range of experiences that people can have when trying to access healthcare. Having cerebral palsy as an adult can feel like unknown territory, yet I felt Bex had a lot of wisdom to share. It can be so difficult to find a physiotherapist who specialises in cerebral palsy. As a result, I was so excited to interview Bex. I wanted to ask her all about the CP Empower workshop and how she came to specialise in CP.

  • Open laptop on the Neuro heroes website. With floral water bottle and two small grey weights
    Cerebral Palsy,  Disability

    Cerebral Palsy and Exercise: Reviewing CP Empower by Neuro Heroes

    Cerebral palsy (CP) is a lifelong disability that is caused by brain damage around the time of birth. Despite the brain damage staying the same, it’s common to experience a deterioration of mobility during adulthood. This is often due to the extra strain on our joints and muscles, a secondary affect of mobilising with cerebral palsy. The deterioration and changes can be explained by post-impairment syndrome. Despite adults with CP regularly experiencing higher levels of pain and fatigue, research and knowledge of post-impairment syndrome is still relatively new. Due to the impact of post-impairment and cerebral palsy, I was very intrigued when I came across Neuro Heroes. Particularly their CP Empower…

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    Cerebral Palsy,  Disability

    Cerebral Palsy and managing pain

    Over the last few years I’ve tried various ways to control pain levels, all with varying degrees of success. However, it’s probably one of the main questions that I get asked. Developing a pain management strategy can take years of trial and error, with everyone responding differently. Due to this, I asked the cerebral palsy community what they found helpful. I hope this helps to make things less painful!

  • Shoes and splints: A guide to find footwear for AFO’s With an orange backgrown and a drawing of 2 afo splints and brogues
    Cerebral Palsy,  Disability

    Shoes and splints: A guide to find footwear for AFO’s

    Today is World CP Day 2020, so I’m sending solidarity to everyone who wears AFO splints and all those who are part of the search to find shoes that fit. This year World CP Day are wanting people to #CPMakeYourMark and share solutions they’ve discovered. As a result, I’ve put together all the tips and tricks I’ve learnt over the years so that you can find shoes with ease.

  • Chloe and Jake sat next to each other in a restaurant. They have drinks in front of them and are smiling at the camera.
    Cerebral Palsy,  Disability,  Life Update

    Being in a relationship and having Cerebral Palsy

    I started this blog when I was 15-years-old, but dating and relationships were not a topic I ever envisaged talking about. Call me clique, but in terms of dating I thought people would take one look at me, see my disability, then leave. Despite this, the fact I never had a boyfriend did occasionally play on my mind, but in all honesty I’ve never been one who searches for love. Yet could this be down to the fear of rejection based on my disability? For the brief time that I was on Tinder (other dating apps are available) I felt very judged by its focus on physical appearances. The casual…