• Chloe at graduation
    Disability,  Education

    What is it like being a disabled student?

    When I was in high school, I used to wobble around the corridors using a walking stick or a wheelchair. I throughly enjoyed education, yet it certainly isn’t easy as a disabled student. Admittedly, it’s been a few years since I was a student, but accessible education was a core focus when I started my blog. Before I graduated university,…

  • Chloe in focus. Stood at the front of assembly in a school. There are the back of students heads in the foreground that are out of focus

    How to talk about disability with your child

    Children are great at asking questions, at the end of the day, that’s how they learn! Often it can be relatively easy to answer their questions — even if it’s the fifth time they’ve asked you that day. But what if they ask you a question about disability? It can hard to know what to say. There are 14 million…

  • Chloe looking away from the camera whilst stood on a sandy beach. She’s wearing a yellow coat, blue jeans and is holding a long cane.
    Disability,  Life Update

    My shifted perception of disability

    I’ve been writing this blog for almost 9 years. During this time I’ve learnt a lot, and I hope I’ve been able to teach others a few things along the way. Yet it’s evident that my outlook on disability has shifted over the years. The 15 year old who started this blog was shy and hadn’t given much thought about…

  • Outside a house. The sun is setting with trees in the background. Focal point is a red and white house
    Disability,  Life Update

    Buying a house as a young disabled adult

    I suppose this post is more of a life update, I’m buying my first house! Yet I hope sharing my own experiences will help others who are at the same stage of their life. Currently I live in my family home. I graduated university nearly 3 years ago but, despite living away in halls and a shared house, it made…

  • Holding a floral mug with red poppies

    Small businesses run by disabled people

    This Christmas I’ve decided to only shop from small businesses. After searching on Etsy, trying to find the perfect presents, it hit me. There are loads of disabled creators and business owners. Small businesses need us more than ever, not just at Christmas. Here are some you might enjoy.

  • Ball of orange wool and a purple crochet hook. The background is a large crocheted blanket
    Disability,  Visual Impairment

    Crafting when you have a visual impairment

    I’m not saying I do things the same way as sighted people, but there are tips and tricks that can enable visually impaired people to craft. Like most things, I turned to the online community. I asked other visually impaired people what crafts they did and what they would recommend to others. Thankfully, they had loads of suggestions.

  • Open laptop blurred in the background, foreground shows the back of someone. They are wearing a navy Neuro heroes t-shirt.
    Cerebral Palsy,  Disability

    Interviewing Neuro Heroes’ cerebral palsy specialist

    I appreciate the range of experiences that people can have when trying to access healthcare. Having cerebral palsy as an adult can feel like unknown territory, yet I felt Bex had a lot of wisdom to share. It can be so difficult to find a physiotherapist who specialises in cerebral palsy. As a result, I was so excited to interview…

  • Open laptop on the Neuro heroes website. With floral water bottle and two small grey weights
    Cerebral Palsy,  Disability

    Cerebral Palsy and Exercise: Reviewing CP Empower by Neuro Heroes

    Cerebral palsy (CP) is a lifelong disability that is caused by brain damage around the time of birth. Despite the brain damage staying the same, it’s common to experience a deterioration of mobility during adulthood. This is often due to the extra strain on our joints and muscles, a secondary affect of mobilising with cerebral palsy. The deterioration and changes…