• Collection of products that include a water bottle, tin lunch box and shampoo bars

    Eco-friendly swaps, without getting rid of plastic straws

    How on earth can you be eco-friendly and use plastic straws? It feel like a contradiction, but I’m willing to explain. Some people rely on plastic straws to drink safely. It might be essential, or like me, lower the risk of choking. I care about the turtles and try and do my bit to look after the planet, but I’m…

  • Bright window CIL with a mug that says awesome things will happen
    Cerebral Palsy,  Disability

    Cerebral Palsy and managing pain

    Over the last few years I’ve tried various ways to control pain levels, all with varying degrees of success. However, it’s probably one of the main questions that I get asked. Developing a pain management strategy can take years of trial and error, with everyone responding differently. Due to this, I asked the cerebral palsy community what they found helpful.…

  • Chloe stood in a park. Wearing a red coat and holding a long cane
    Disability,  Life Update

    A realistic review of my 2020 goals

    I’m not one for New Years Resolutions, yet 1st January 2020 I wrote a list of goals for the year. I aimed to have a more focused and intentional year where I aimed to find a work-life balance. Little did I know, a global pandemic was just around the corner.

  • Chloe sat on the grass smiling at the camera. She is wearing sunglasses, a white top and an orange skirt
    Disability,  Life Update,  Visual Impairment

    “But you don’t look blind!”

    If you’re blind or partially sighted you’ve probably heard this comment before. However, on the surface I agree with you. I can’t possibly be blind if I look at you, use my phone or look into the camera for a picture. On the other hand, I can be registered blind and do all of those things.

  • Shoes and splints: A guide to find footwear for AFO’s With an orange backgrown and a drawing of 2 afo splints and brogues
    Cerebral Palsy,  Disability

    Shoes and splints: A guide to find footwear for AFO’s

    Today is World CP Day 2020, so I’m sending solidarity to everyone who wears AFO splints and all those who are part of the search to find shoes that fit. This year World CP Day are wanting people to #CPMakeYourMark and share solutions they’ve discovered. As a result, I’ve put together all the tips and tricks I’ve learnt over the…

  • Shows someone honking a long cane and looking at their phone the shot doesn’t show their face.
    Disability,  Visual Impairment

    Realising you’re reliant on a long cane

    This was never meant to happen. Back in 2016 I started to lose my sight, by 2017 I was registered as partially sighted and began using a long cane. It was a Eye Clinic Liaison Officer (ECLO) at the hospital who suggested using a cane as it would allow me to maintain independence. After a few training sessions from a…

  • Open field with a dirt track running through the middle. Chloe is facing away from the camera whilst stood on the path.
    Disability,  Life Update

    Remember what you learnt during lockdown

    Amongst the sheer tragedy of the pandemic, there has been some valuable lessons. It would be crazy to not grab the glimmer of goodness and to forget the lockdown lessons. It turns out that going back to basics for a while doesn’t have to be a bad thing.