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What can you see if you’re partially sighted?


This is my interpretation of how I see the world around me. Due to the limitations of a camera I’m unable to show you how my vision changes. My sight can depend on the distance between an object and myself, As well as many other factors. Therefore, they are not entirely accurate.

The purpose of these pictures are to give an insight into what it can be like to have reduced vision. These photos show how I see when things are a short distance away. Yet despite best efforts to replicate my sight, factors like light, eye-strain and tiredness can cause fluctuations. This blog aims to showcase an average.

In the bathroom


Cutlery drawer


I hope you have found this interesting and that it’s given you a little insight into the spectrum of eyesight. In the future I definitely want to try recreating low light situations and show how lighting can consume my vision. To be honest, it was harder than I thought to get these images and showing my level of sight took time. When you are partially sighted or blind, your sight is so personal to you.

I am often asked, so what can you actually see? Now despite having no problem with this question, it can be difficult to put into words. Sight isn’t a black and white concept, yet this can be hard to comprehend when you’ve had no experience of sight loss. Before I started to lose my sight, even I am guilty of the stereotype that all blind people can see nothing at all. However, 95% of people who are registered as partially sight or blind can see something. To visually step into the shoes of someone who is visually impaired can be easier to understand.

If you are blind or partially sighted and would like to do something similar, please share a photo on Twitter using the hashtag #MyVersionOfTheWorld. Together we can showcase the spectrum of sight loss.

~ Chloe x

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  • George Rector

    Indeed, each person’s vision depends on a multitude of factors. These include both physical within us and the changing light around us. A camera does not see in the same way a human sees. You did an amazing job of using your camera and your interpretation to convey your message. Thanks for sharing this.

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